The ontogeny of opiate tolerance and withdrawal in infant rats.

  title={The ontogeny of opiate tolerance and withdrawal in infant rats.},
  author={Michael S Fanselow and Catherine Cramer},
  journal={Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior},
  volume={31 2},
The acquisition of morphine analgesic tolerance was investigated in neonatal rats. Morphine was found to produce a potent analgesia, as measured by latency to retract a hindpaw from a 52 degree C hotplate, in rat pups as young as 1 day of age. Morphine analgesic tolerance, however, did not develop in rats until the third week of life. Rats given the same daily morphine regimen starting at 15 days of age or older showed rapid tolerance development. The data from four experiments indicate that… CONTINUE READING

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