The one-way speed of light and the Milne universe

  title={The one-way speed of light and the Milne universe},
  author={Geraint F. Lewis and Luke A. Barnes},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia},
  • G. Lewis, L. Barnes
  • Published 18 December 2020
  • Physics, Education
  • Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
Abstract In Einstein’s special theory of relativity, all observers measure the speed of light, c, to be the same. However, this refers to the round-trip speed, where a clock at the origin times the outward and return trip of light reflecting off a distant mirror. Measuring the one-way speed of light is fraught with issues of clock synchronisation, and, as long as the average speed of light remains c, the speeds on the outward and return legs could be different. One objection to this anisotropic… 
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