The old heart: operating on the edge.

  title={The old heart: operating on the edge.},
  author={Edward G. Lakatta and Steven J. Sollott and Salvatore Pepe},
  journal={Novartis Foundation symposium},
  pages={172-96; discussion 196-201, 217-20}
Excitation of cardiac cells is accompanied by Ca2+ influx which triggers a transient increase in cytosolic [Ca2+], (Cai), and contraction. While the amplitudes of the Cai transient and contraction increase with the extent of cell Ca2+ loading, excess Ca2+ loading leads to dysregulation of Ca2+ homeostasis, impaired contraction, arrhythmia and cell death. The cell Ca2+ load is determined by membrane structure and permeability characteristics, the intensity of stimuli that modulate Ca2+ influx or… CONTINUE READING
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