The object oriented pre-compiler: programming Smalltalk 80 methods in C language

  title={The object oriented pre-compiler: programming Smalltalk 80 methods in C language},
  author={Brad J. Cox},
  journal={ACM SIGPLAN Notices},
  • Brad J. Cox
  • Published 1983
  • Computer Science
  • ACM SIGPLAN Notices
This describes the Object Oriented Pre-Compiler, OOPC, a language and a run-time library for producing C programs that operate by the run-time conventions of Smalltalk 802 in a UNIX3 environment. These languages offer Object Oriented Programming in which data, and the programs which may access it, are designed, built and maintained as inseparable units called objects.The precompiler is backed by a library which supports Smalltalk 80's interpretation of messaging; binding of a message to its… 

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