The nuts and bolts of the BMS bootstrap

  title={The nuts and bolts of the BMS bootstrap},
  author={Arjun Bagchi and Mirah Gary and Zodinmawia},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
In this paper, we elaborate on aspects of the recently introduced BMS bootstrap programme. We consider two-dimensional (2d) field theories with BMS3 symmetry and extensively use highest weight representations to uncover the BMS version of crossing symmetry in 4-point functions that are constrained by symmetry. The BMS bootstrap equation is formulated and then analytic expressions for BMS blocks are constructed by looking at the limit of large central charges. These results are also applicable… 
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Semi-classical BMS3 blocks and flat holography
  • E. Hijano
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2018
A bstractWe present the construction of BMS3 blocks in a two-dimensional field theory and compare the results with holographic computations involving probe particles propagating in flat space
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We initiate a study of the bootstrap programme for field theories with BMS symmetry. Specifically, we look at two-dimensional field theories with BMS3 symmetry and using highest weight
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We initiate a study of the bootstrap programme for field theories with BMS symmetry. Specifically, we look at two-dimensional field theories with BMS3 symmetry and, using highest weight
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