The number of normal measures

  title={The number of normal measures},
  author={Sy-David Friedman and Menachem Magidor},
  journal={The Journal of Symbolic Logic},
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Abstract There have been numerous results showing that a measurable cardinal κ can carry exactly α normal measures in a model of GCH. where α is a cardinal at most κ++. Starting with just one measurable cardinal, we have [9] (for α = 1), [10] (for α = α++, the maximum possible) and [1] (for α = κ+, after collapsing κ++). In addition, under stronger large cardinal hypotheses, one can handle the remaining cases: [12] (starting with a measurable cardinal of Mitchell order α), [2] (as in [12], but… 

A definable failure of the singular cardinal hypothesis

We show first that it is consistent that κ is a measurable cardinal where the GCH fails, while there is a lightface definable wellorder of H(κ+). Then with further forcing we show that it is


Suppose M and N are transitive models of set theory, P is a forcing notion in M and G is P-generic over M . We say that an elementary embedding j : (M,∈) → (N,∈) lifts to M [G] if there is j : (M

Supercompactness and failures of GCH

Let κ < λ be regular cardinals. We say that an embedding j : V → M with critical point κ is λ-tall if λ < j(κ) and M is closed under κ-sequences in V . Silver showed that GCH can fail at a measurable

Definable normal measures

Measurable cardinals and the cofinality of the symmetric group

Assuming the existence of a hypermeasurable cardinal, we construct a model of Set Theory with a measurable cardinalsuch that 2 • = • ++ and the group Sym(•) of all permutations ofcannot be written as

Controlling the number of normal measures at successor cardinals

We examine the number of normal measures a successor cardinal can carry, in universes in which the Axiom of Choice is false. When considering successors of singular cardinals, we establish relative

A model with a unique normal measure on κ and 2 κ = κ + + from optimal assumptions

Starting from a model with a measurable cardinal κ of Mitchell order o(κ) = κ, we construct a generic extension where 2 = κ and κ carries a unique normal measure. This answers a question of Friedman

Mutually embeddable models of ZFC

We investigate systems of transitive models of ZFC which are elementarily embeddable into each other and the influence of definability properties on such systems. One of Ken Kunen’s best-known and

Forcing when there are large cardinals: an introduction

Two ideas in the context of large cardinal forcing are described, which may not be familiar to those who have not worked in this area, that uses large cardinals to obtain interesting properties for singular cardinals.



The ⊲-ordering on normal ultrafilters

  • S. Baldwin
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Symbolic Logic
  • 1985
Mitchell [Mi-i] filled in the gap by constructing models of ZFC + GCH satisfying "there are exactly i normal ultrafilters over K", where i could be K+ or K++ (measured in the model), or anything < K.

Coding over a measurable cardinal

The purpose of this paper is to extend the coding method (see Beller, Jensen and Welch [82]) into the context of large cardinals and to solve the main difficulty in L[μ] -coding, which lies in the problem of “stationary restraint”.

Sets Constructible from Sequences of Ultrafilters

Kunen's methods are extended to arbitrary sequences U of ultrafilters and it is shown that in L[U] the generalized continuum hypothesis is true, there is a Souslin tree, andthere is a well-ordering of the reals.

Perfect trees and elementary embeddings

The technique is applied to provide a new proof of Woodin's theorem as well as the new result that global domination at inaccessibles (the statement that d(κ) is less than 2κ for inaccessible κ) is internally consistent, given the existence of 0#.

Large cardinals with few measures

We show, assuming the consistency of one measurable cardinal, that it is consistent for there to be exactly κ + many normal measures on the least measurable cardinal K. This answers a question of

Possible Behaviours for the Mitchell Ordering

  • J. Cummings
  • Environmental Science
    Ann. Pure Appl. Logic
  • 1993

The core model

Fine Structure and Class Forcing