The number of faces of centrally-symmetric polytopes

  title={The number of faces of centrally-symmetric polytopes},
  author={Gil Kalai},
  journal={Graphs and Combinatorics},
  • G. Kalai
  • Published 1 December 1989
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Graphs and Combinatorics
Linear constraints on Face numbers of Polytopes
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s, 22nd Symposium on Fusion Technology, Helsinki, Finland, September 2002, 183 (2002) Darbos. C, et al., Alberti S., Tran M.Q., “Very Long Pulse Operation of the TORE Supra ECRH System“, Book ofExpand
Face Numbers of Centrally Symmetric Polytopes Produced from Split Graphs
This study produces a new family of Hansen polytopes that have only $3^d+16$ nonempty faces, and confirms Kalai's $3D$ conjecture for such poly topes and shows that the Hannerpolytopes among them correspond to threshold graphs. Expand
Polytopal balls arising in optimization
We study a family of polytopes and their duals, that appear in various optimization problems as the unit balls for certain norms. These two families interpolate between the hypercube, the unit ballExpand
Convex polytopes are fundamental geometric objects that have been investigated since antiquity. The beauty of their theory is nowadays complemented by their importance for many other mathematicalExpand
Constructions and obstructions for extremal polytopes
In the fall of 2001, I was finishing my computer science undergrad studies and Martin Skutella suggested that I take the course " Linear optimization " , a course offered to beginning math gradExpand
Nonexpansive maps with surjective displacement
We investigate necessary and sufficient conditions for a nonexpansive map f on a Banach space X to have surjective displacement, that is, for f − id to map onto X. In particular, we give a computableExpand
Isocanted alcoved polytopes
Through tropical normal idempotent matrices, we introduce isocanted alcoved polytopes, computing their $f$--vectors and checking the validity of the following five conjectures: Barany, unimodality,Expand
A Tale of Centrally Symmetric Polytopes and Spheres
  • I. Novik
  • Mathematics
  • Association for Women in Mathematics Series
  • 2019
This paper is a survey of recent advances as well as open problems in the study of face numbers of centrally symmetric simplicial polytopes and spheres. The topics discussed range from neighborlinessExpand
Enumeration of 2-level polytopes
This paper presents the first algorithm for enumerating all combinatorial types of 2-level polytopes of a given dimension d, and provides complete experimental results for d⩽7. Expand


On the number of faces of centrally-symmetric simplicial polytopes
  • R. Stanley
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Graphs Comb.
  • 1987
The conjectures of Björner are proved and generalizes the result of Bárány-Lovász sincefd−1 =∑ hi, and more strongly that h_i - h_{i - 1} \geqslant \left( {\begin{array}{*{20}c} d \\ i \\ \end{array} } \right) . Expand
Une Caracterisation Volumique de Certains Espaces Normes de Dimension Finie
We give a geometric characterization of finite dimensional normed spacesE, with a 1-unconditional basis, such that their volumetric product is minimal.
Borsuk's theorem and the number of facets of centrally symmetric polytopes
Let C"={x~R": Ix~]<-i i=1 , . . . ,n} be the n-dimensional cube and A be a d-dimensional subspace of R" having no point in common with the ( n d 1 ) dimensional faces of C". We want to find a lowerExpand
The structure of finite dimensional Banach spaces with the 3.2. Intersection property
Let X be a Banach space over the real numbers. Let n and k be integers with 2 ~< k < n. We say tha t X has the n.k. intersection property (n.k.I.P.) if the following holds: Any n balls in X intersectExpand
The dimension of almost spherical sections of convex bodies
© Séminaire analyse fonctionnelle (dit "Maurey-Schwartz") (École Polytechnique), 1975-1976, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives du séminaire d’analyse fonctionnelle implique l’accord avec lesExpand