The nuclear receptor transcriptional coregulator RIP140

  title={The nuclear receptor transcriptional coregulator RIP140
  author={Patrick Augereau and Eric Badia and Sophie Carascossa and Audrey Castet and Samuel Fritsch and Pierre-Olivier Harmand and St{\'e}phan Jalaguier and Vincent Cavaill{\`e}s},
  journal={Nuclear Receptor Signaling},
  pages={205 - 13}
The nuclear receptor superfamily comprises ligand-regulated transcription factors that control various developmental and physiological pathways. These receptors share a common modular structure and regulate gene expression through the recruitment of a large set of coregulatory proteins. These transcription cofactors regulate, either positively or negatively, chromatin structure and transcription initiation. One of the first proteins to be identified as a hormone-recruited cofactor was RIP140… CONTINUE READING


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