The norm of the Schur product operation

  title={The norm of the Schur product operation},
  author={Chandler Davis},
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  • Chandler Davis
  • Published 1 December 1962
  • Mathematics
  • Numerische Mathematik

Robust TDOA Estimation in a Continuous Stereo Audio Track

The main goal of this Master Thesis is to determine the Time Difference Of Arrivals of two audio signals recorded with two microphones and the entry point is the use of the FFT to compute the phase correlation instead of using the DFT which incurs more computational charge.

The New Variants of Modified Weighted Mean Iterative Methods for Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations

The integro-differential equations are widely opted as mathematical models for many real world applications. In this research, linear integro-differential equations of Fredholm type (FIDEs) are

Cauchy Solution of the Kinematic Wave Shallow-Water Equations Using Square-Grid Finite-Element Method

AbstractThe kinematic wave system of shallow-water equations is posed as an initial value problem, or Cauchy problem, to investigate error analysis using the square-grid finite-element method. The

Convexity of the geodesic distance on spaces of positive operators

Let A be a C*-algebra with 1 and denote by A + the set of positive invertible elements of A. The set A / being open in A {a A; a* a} it / with A for each a A We has a C structure and we can identify

The Steady States of Isotone Electric Systems

The steady states of an isotone electric system are described by an isotone function with respect to the componentwise order. When there are steady states, we highlight a dominant steady state and we

Getting over High-Dimensionality: How Multidimensional Projection Methods Can Assist Data Science

This research presents a comprehensive overview of current state-of-the-art multidimensional projection techniques and shows example codes in Python and R languages, all available on the internet.

Statistical Methods for the Quantitative Genetic Analysis of High-Throughput Phenotyping Data.

This chapter describes methods for the statistical analysis of high-throughput phenotyping (HTP) data with the goal of enhancing the prediction accuracy of genomic selection (GS).