The nonlinear impacts of industrial structure on China's energy intensity

  title={The nonlinear impacts of industrial structure on China's energy intensity},
  author={Ke Li and Ke Li and Boqiang Lin and Boqiang Lin},
Nonlinear Effect of Public Infrastructure on Energy Intensity in China: A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach
Public infrastructure not only promotes economic growth, but also influences energy intensity, which plays an important role in the strategies related to energy. Therefore, infrastructure policy can
Energy intensity and its determinants in China: an empirical study based on ARDL-VECM approach
ABSTRACT The present study aims to better understand the relationship between energy intensity and its determinants including energy price, technological progress, economic structure, and energy mix


Technological Progress, Structural Change and China’s Energy Efficiency
Abstract China has witnessed rapid economic development since 1978, and during the time, energy production and consumption developed at a tremendous speed as well. Energy efficiency which can be
Demonstrational Analysis of the Relationship Between Energy Efficiency and Its Influential Factor in China
First,by using sample data from 1978 to 2006,this artizle studies the dynamic change process of the influence of economic structure,technological advances,energy consumption structure and energy
Structural Shift,Techlogical Progress,Energy Price and Energy Efficiency
The article intends to explore main factors about energy consumption and its efficiency during Chinese industrialization.According to theory analysis,we point out that economic structure,technical