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The nonabelian Hodge correspondence for balanced hermitian metrics of Hodge-Riemann type

  title={The nonabelian Hodge correspondence for balanced hermitian metrics of Hodge-Riemann type},
  author={Xuemiao Chen and R. Wentworth},
This paper extends the nonabelian Hodge correspondence for Kähler manifolds to a larger class of hermitian metrics on complex manifolds called balanced of Hodge-Riemann type. Essentially, it grows out of a few key observations so that the known results, especially the Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem and Corlette’s theorem, can be applied in our setting. Though not necessarily Kähler, we show that the Sampson-Siu Theorem proving that harmonic maps are pluriharmonic remains valid for a slightly… Expand
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