The non-orientable genus of some metacyclic groups

  title={The non-orientable genus of some metacyclic groups},
  author={Toma{\vz} Pisanski and Thomas W. Tucker and Dave Witte Morris},
AbstractWe describe non-orientable, octagonal embeddings for certain 4-valent, bipartite Cayley graphs of finite metacyclic groups, and give a class of examples for which this embedding realizes the non-orientable genus of the group. This yields a construction of Cayley graphs for which $$2\gamma - \tilde \gamma $$ is arbitrarily large, where γ and $$\tilde \gamma $$ are the orientable genus and the non-orientable genus of the Cayley graph. 


A process is provided for conducting organic compound conversion over a catalyst comprising a zeolite composition prepared by a method which comprises compositing a specific zeolite material with



On the genus of the semidirect product of ℤ9 by ℤ3

We show that the non-commutative semidirect product Γ of ℤ9 by ℤ3 has orientable genus 4. In other words, some Cayley graph of Γ embeds in an orientable surface of genus 4 (Euler characteristic −6),

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