The non-activated glucocorticoid receptor: structure and activation.

  title={The non-activated glucocorticoid receptor: structure and activation.},
  author={J A Gustafsson and A C Wikstr{\"o}m and Marc Denis},
  journal={Journal of steroid biochemistry},
  volume={34 1-6},
Glucocorticoid hormone receptors are present in the soluble fraction of target cell homogenates as large entities (Mr approximately 300,000) that are unable to interact with DNA. These large complexes contain an Mr approximately 94,000 steroid- and DNA-binding polypeptide, in association with an Mr approximately 90,000 non-ligand-binding entity, which has been identified as a heat shock protein, hsp90. This protein has been purified to near homogeneity as a component of the non-activated… CONTINUE READING
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