The non‐medical use of tramadol in the UK: findings from a large community sample

  title={The non‐medical use of tramadol in the UK: findings from a large community sample},
  author={Adam R Winstock and Rohan Borschmann and James Bell},
  journal={International Journal of Clinical Practice},
Prescription drug misuse has become a public health problem in several developed countries. In the UK, there has been no increase in people seeking treatment for prescription drug dependence, but there has been a progressive rise in fatal overdoses involving tramadol. 
Incidence of tramadol shopping behavior in a retrospective cohort of chronic non‐cancer pain patients in France
The aim was to assess the incidence of tramadol shopping behavior in CNCP patients and to identify the associated risk factors.
Prescription opioid analgesic use in France: Trends and impact on morbidity–mortality
While data from USA and Canada demonstrate an opioid overdose epidemic, very little nation‐wide European studies have been published on this topical subject.
High Rates of Tramadol Use among Treatment-Seeking Adolescents in Malmö, Sweden: A Study of Hair Analysis of Nonmedical Prescription Opioid Use
Investigation of NMPOU in young treatment-seeking adolescents and young adults at an outpatient facility for young substance users found tramadol use, along with high rates of cannabis use, may represent a novel pattern of substance use among young Treatment-seeking subjects with problematic substance use and high rate of concurrent psychiatric problems.
Explosive Increase in Tramadol Use in Korea 2003–2013: Analysis of Patient Trends Based on the Korea National Health Insurance Database
Of the studied pain types, arthritis and back pain were the most prominent diagnoses in tramadol users, and notable correlations were rural area, co-prescription of a benzodiazepine, and tertiary hospital.
IV tramadol: A novel option for US patients with acute pain-A review of its pharmacokinetics, abuse potential and clinical safety record.
A review of the pharmacokinetics (PK) of the IV tramadol dosing regimen being developed in the United States is provided, its abuse potential as documented in the literature, and its safety record in clinical practice are discussed.
Substance Dependence and Hepatitis among Tramadol Prescription Users: A Study of Former Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatients in Northern Finland
Tramadol should only be prescribed to adolescents after careful evaluation, and particular caution is required in adolescents with a history of substance use disorders.
Polysubstance use and misuse or abuse of prescription opioid analgesics: a multi-level analysis of international data
Misuse and abuse by those prescribed opioid analgesics seem to be a problem that is not limited to the United States and warrant attention on an international scale, according to participants from the Global Drug Survey 2015.
Prescribed opioid analgesic use developments in three Nordic countries, 2006–2017
Significant shifts have occurred in the dispensing of prescribed opioids in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark over the past 12 years, with tramadol increasing in Norwegian, codeine declining across the board, and oxycodone increasing in all three countries.


Increasing deaths from opioid analgesics in the United States
A dramatic increase in poisoning mortality rates is documented and the use of opioid analgesics has increased markedly as part of more aggressive pain management nationwide and this study compared it to sales of opioids nationwide.
Benzodiazepine and Pharmaceutical Opioid Misuse and their Relationship to Crime: An examination of illicit prescription drug markets in Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin. Tasmanian Report
This report presents the findings of the major research project 'benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime', and is an examination of illicit prescription drug
Opioids in the UK: what’s the problem?
In many cases, doses are too high and treatment is too long
The promotion and marketing of oxycontin: commercial triumph, public health tragedy.
  • A. Van Zee
  • Medicine, Political Science
    American journal of public health
  • 2009
Modifications of the promotion and marketing of controlled drugs by the pharmaceutical industry and an enhanced capacity of the Food and Drug Administration to regulate and monitor such promotion can have a positive impact on the public health.
New recreational drugs and the primary care approach to patients who use them
A framework for conducting an interview in the primary care setting with people who may have problems with their use of mephedrone is provided, and many other new substances with psychoactive potential remain legally available.
Seeking drugs or seeking help? Escalating “doctor shopping” by young heroin users before fatal overdose
To identify prescription drug‐seeking behaviour patterns among young people who subsequently died of heroin‐related overdose, a large number of them were young people with a history of using prescription drugs.
Diversion of prescribed drugs by drug users in treatment: analysis of the UK market and new data from London.
To be effective, diversion control must simultaneously involve deterrents from prescribers, drug treatment services, law enforcement agencies and dispensing pharmacists.
5-Year Trends in Use of Hallucinogens and Other Adjunct Drugs among UK Dance Drug Users
The rise in prevalence of hallucinogen and other adjunct drugs identified among dance drug users may be mirrored by wider prevalence increases among young people with a consequent need to study these trends carefully and to develop effective interventions, where required.