The nine cases of subacute hepatitis

  title={The nine cases of subacute hepatitis},
  author={Hiroshi Takasaki and Mitsutaka Kanamaru and Yoshitane Kosaka and Yoshihiro Matsuda and Makoto Terada and Shinichi Tagawa and Sadamitsu Akeda and Tetsuo Nakano},
  journal={Gastroenterologia Japonica},
This report is based upon our observation of nine patients in whom the diagnosis of subacute hepatitis has been made between 1962 and 1968 at our clinic and Department of Pathology, Mie Prefectural University School of Medicine. Three males and six females comprised this series of nine. Of the females all but two were preor postmenopausal. The laboratory data supported the diagnosis of hepatocellular damage, the serum bilirubin and cholinesterase were most strikingly abnormal. On microscopy… CONTINUE READING

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