The next-generation bots interfering with the US election.

  title={The next-generation bots interfering with the US election.},
  author={Giorgia Guglielmi},
Social Botomics: A Systematic Ensemble ML Approach for Explainable and Multi-Class Bot Detection
This work aims to demystify, reveal, and widen inherent characteristics of Twitter bots such that multiple types of bots are recognized and spotted early, and to improve the so called Bot-Detective online service.
Politisierung und politische Kommunikation in sozialen Netzwerken
Immer mehr (junge) Menschen informieren sich während des Wahlkampfs in sozialen Netzwerken und diskutieren dort tagesaktuelle, politische Themen. Sind Twitter, Facebook und Co. also demnächst das
Communicating public health during COVID-19, implications for vaccine rollout
approaches to online public health messaging from a range of sources during COVID-19 are discussed, with a focus on official and non-official sources in the United Kingdom (UK), and issues for ongoing public health decisions are highlighted.


Characterizing social media manipulation in the 2020 U.S. presidential election
A clear connection is drawn between bots, hyper-partisan media outlets, and conspiracy groups, suggesting the presence of systematic efforts to distort political narratives and propagate disinformation in the context of the upcoming 3 November 2020 U.S. presidential election.
Social Bots Distort the 2016 US Presidential Election Online Discussion
The findings suggest that the presence of social media bots can indeed negatively affect democratic political discussion rather than improving it, which in turn can potentially alter public opinion and endanger the integrity of the Presidential election.