The new isotope 270110 and its decay products 266Hs and 262Sg

  title={The new isotope 270110 and its decay products 266Hs and 262Sg},
  author={Stefan Hofmann and Fritz Peter Hessberger and Dieter Ackermann and S. Antalic and P. Cagarda and S. {\'C}wiok and Birgit Kindler and Jasmina Kojouharova and Bettina Lommel and Rido Mann and Gottfried Muenzenberg and A. G. Popeko and S. Śaro and H. J. Sch{\"o}tt and A. V. Yeremin},
  journal={The European Physical Journal A - Hadrons and Nuclei},
Abstract:The even-even nucleus 270110 was synthesized using the reaction 64Ni + 207Pb. A total of eight α-decay chains was measured during an irradiation time of seven days. Decay data were obtained for the ground-state and a high-spin K isomer. The new nuclei 266Hs and 262Sg were identified as daughter products after α-decay. Spontaneous fission of 262Sg terminates the decay chain. The measured data are in agreement with calculations using the macroscopic-microscopic model and with self… CONTINUE READING