The new genotypic human calicivirus isolated in Seoul

  title={The new genotypic human calicivirus isolated in Seoul},
  author={Dong-Pyou Han and H W Lee and Joon Hyung Sohn and B. de Cambray T - S. Yeh and Jong-Whan Choi and Hyun-Won Kim},
  journal={Experimental & Molecular Medicine},
A new type of human calicivirus (HuCV) showing the classic cup-shaped surface morphology was identified in the stool sample from a child with symptoms of acute gastroenteritis in Seoul, Korea (SK virus). Genomic RNA was extracted directly from the stool sample, and the nucleotide sequence of 3.2 kb of the 3' end of SK virus was determined from cDNA. This region spanned sequences from the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP) region in the open reading frame 1 (ORF1) to the 3' poly A tail. The non… CONTINUE READING