The new era of postgraduate certified general practice training in Japan

  title={The new era of postgraduate certified general practice training in Japan},
  author={Akiteru Takamura},
  journal={Education for Primary Care},
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Abstract This paper describes the background to, and the recent evolution of general practice as a recognised medical specialism in Japan (2015), and the evolution of a system of training to support this development. We, the general practitioners (GPs) in Japan have not been recognised as one body of medical specialists and have been training in our own way. A new certified training system will commence in 2018, authorised by a new third organisation, the Japanese Medical Specialty Board. An… 
Does the establishment of universal health coverage drive the foundation of postgraduate education for primary care physicians
Although UHC is not the principal driving force for the establishment of postgraduate training for primary care physicians in many countries, most UHC-attaining countries make substantial endeavor to ensure its formation as a part of their health care reform to improve national health.
The element of family medicine in the mega journal of the family medicine specialty
FM publications in China in the study year, as exemplified by Chinese General Practice, were mostly contributed by non- FM authors dealing with non-FM topics, suggesting a transition to more FM-oriented development might be anticipated in the near future.
Working to Change Systems: Repatriated U.S. Trained Japanese Physicians and the Reform of Generalist Fields in Japan
This study examines the endeavors of repatriated Japanese International Medical Graduates and provides a lens to understanding national challenges with reform and insights into strategizing next steps.
Mixed methods study protocol to examine perceptions of family medicine among long-term patients of a family medicine clinic in Japan
A protocol to explore the perceptions of FM among long-term patients of one of Japan’s oldest FM clinics using patients who have attended the clinic for over 10 years is described.
Japanese International Medical Graduates and the United States clinical training experience: Challenges abroad and methods to overcome them
The US clinical training experience for Japanese IMGs is examined, including the challenges encountered, how those challenges are overcome, and the benefits of US training.
A bibliometric analysis of the journal, Chinese General Practice
  • 2021


The necessity for further reform in primary care training in Japan
We think that good educational methods in this, as in other areas of medical training, require development. Proper evaluation of such methods of teaching and assessment of students is in its infancy.
Considering primary care in Japan
  • J. Otaki
  • Business, Medicine
    Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • 1998
Japanese physicians' clinical competence tends to be insufficient for providing first-class community-based primary care, and Japan must try to develop effective education systems in order to deliver better and more efficient medical care, especially primary care.
Medical education in Japan.
  • T. Kozu
  • Medicine
    Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • 2006
There are 79 medical schools in Japan--42 national, 8 prefectural, and 29 private--representing approximately one school for every 1.6 million people, with some medical schools implementing integrated curricula, problem-based learning tutorials, and clinical clerkships.
The current state of medical education in Japan: a system under reform
  • A. Teo
  • Medicine
    Medical education
  • 2007
The Japanese government has implemented 2 major changes in the system of postgraduate medical education, including a 2‐year structured internship and an internship matching system.
Overcoming challenges in primary care education: a trial of a longitudinal integrated clerkship in a rural community hospital setting in Japan
  • Akiteru Takamura, Kenya Ie, Y. Takemura
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    Education for primary care : an official publication of the Association of Course Organisers, National Association of GP Tutors, World Organisation of Family Doctors
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Clinical placements have been organised as short-term clerkships where learners undertake a succession of clinical learning experiences focused on single organ-specific systems, but the need for generalists is increasing, especially in remoter areas.
World health statistics.
  • K. Stowman
  • Medicine
    The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly
  • 1949
IT IS a cause of rejoicing to be able to speak here today of World Health Statistics, not as one of the many desiderata still needed as a basis for a vigorous and wholesome international life, but as
Certification for General Practice Specialist
  • 2016
Final report for specialists for general practice in Japan
  • Japan Medical Specialty Board
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The outline of internship in Japan. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • 2016
Certification for General Practice training program
  • 2015