The new 4-m robotic telescope

  title={The new 4-m robotic telescope},
  author={Cristal Gutierrez and D. Arnold and David L. Copley and C. M. Copperwheat and E J Harvey and Helen E. Jermak and Johan H. Knapen and A. McGrath and Asier Oria and Rafael Rebolo and Iain A. Steele and Miguel Torres},
  journal={Astronomische Nachrichten},
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The Zwicky Transient Facility Bright Transient Survey. II. A Public Statistical Sample for Exploring Supernova Demographics
We present a public catalog of transients from the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) Bright Transient Survey (BTS), a magnitude-limited (m -16 mag), 10% in red-sequence galaxies, and 1% in massive


A Gaia DR2 view of the open cluster population in the Milky Way
Context. Open clusters are convenient probes of the structure and history of the Galactic disk. They are also fundamental to stellar evolution studies. The second Gaia data release contains precise
A white dwarf catalogue from Gaia-DR2 and the Virtual Observatory
We present a catalogue of 73,221 white dwarf candidates extracted from the astrometric and photometric data of the recently published Gaia DR2 catalogue. White dwarfs were selected from the Gaia
Gaia Data Release 2
Context. We present the second Gaia data release, Gaia DR2, consisting of astrometry, photometry, radial velocities, and information on astrophysical parameters and variability, for sources brighter
Gaia unveils the kinematics of multiple stellar populations in 47 Tucanae
The series of events, which occurred at high redshift and originated multiple stellar populations in Globular Clusters (GCs) are still poorly understood. Theoretical work suggests that the
Multimessenger observations of a flaring blazar coincident with high-energy neutrino IceCube-170922A
The discovery of an extraterrestrial diffuse flux of high-energy neutrinos, announced by IceCube in 2013, has characteristic properties that hint at contributions from extragalactic sources, although the individual sources remain as yet unidentified.
Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters
Globular clusters (GCs) exhibit star-to-star variations in specific elements (e.g., He, C, N, O, Na, Al) that bear the hallmark of high-temperature H-burning. These abundance variations can be
On the extended stellar structure around NGC 288
We report on observational evidence of an extra-tidal clumpy structure around NGC 288 from an homogeneous coverage of a large area with the Pan-STARRS PS1 database. The extra-tidal star population
Open cluster kinematics with Gaia DR2
Context. Open clusters are very good tracers of the evolution of the Galactic disc. Thanks to Gaia, their kinematics can be investigated with an unprecedented precision and accuracy. Aims. The
The Gaia 20 pc white dwarf sample
Using Gaia DR2 data, we present an up-to-date sample of white dwarfs within 20 pc of the Sun. In total we identified 139 systems in Gaia DR2, nine of which are new detections, with the closest of
A deep narrowband survey for planetary nebulae at the outskirts of M33
Context: Planetary nebulae (PNe) are excellent tracers of stellar populations with low surface brightness, and therefore provide a powerful method to detect and explore the rich system of