[The network of health promoting companies (WHP) in the province of Bergamo].


OBJECTIVES To create, by 2012, a network of Promoting Health companies in the Province of Bergamo, with at least 10% of companies with over 90 employees (about 10,000 workers) adherent, and attending up to 15% by 2015. METHODS The work was carried out by building partnerships and collaboration with Confindustria Bergamo and the main healthcare and Union stakeholders in the province, selecting good practices and experimenting feasibility and effectiveness in two mid-sized companies, before extending the proposal A system of accreditation was defined. Member companies should implement a at least 18 good practices in three years. The areas of good practices are: nutrition, tobacco, physical activity, road safety, alcohol and substance and wellbeing. The results are surprising in terms of network and adhesion. Currently 46 companies are involved (over 9,200 employees). CONCLUSIONS The model seems to work well and in our opinion is extensible on a larger scale.

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