The nerves around the shoulder.

  title={The nerves around the shoulder.},
  author={Alain G Blum and Sophie Lecocq and Matthias Louis and Johnny Wassel and Andreea Moisei and Pedro Augusto Gondim Teixeira},
  journal={European journal of radiology},
  volume={82 1},
Neuropathies of the shoulder are considered to be entrapment syndromes. They are relatively common, accounting for about 2% of cases of sport-related shoulder pain. Many instances involve suprascapular neuropathy, but the clinical diagnosis is often delayed because of nonspecific symptoms. Classically, EMG is the gold standard investigation but MRI currently reveals muscular abnormality in 50% of cases. Muscle edema, the most characteristic symptom, is nonspecific. In general, the topography of… CONTINUE READING
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