The nephrotoxicity of fractionated components of Aipysurus laevis venom.

  title={The nephrotoxicity of fractionated components of Aipysurus laevis venom.},
  author={Shantay E Ryan and Jim L. C. Yong},
  journal={Experimental and toxicologic pathology : official journal of the Gesellschaft fur Toxikologische Pathologie},
  volume={49 1-2},
Six major venom fractions were obtained when crude Aipysurus laevis (Olive sea snake) venom was fractionated by standard HPLC techniques. Subcutaneous doses of between 9.5-20.3 micrograms venom/kg body weight were injected into male Quackenbush mice, showing that all six fractions of A. laevis venom are nephrotoxic, producing renal lesions within 24 hrs and lasting for up to three months. It is postulated that each fraction contains a nephrotoxic component, suggesting a core or common… CONTINUE READING


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