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The neotropical genus Ronabea (Rubiaceae, Lasiantheae)

  title={The neotropical genus Ronabea (Rubiaceae, Lasiantheae)},
  author={C. Taylor},
The neotropical shrub genus Ronabea Aubl. has long been included by most authors in Psychotria L. (Psychotrieae), but differs from that genus in characters of the seeds, pyrenes, stip- ules, and inflorescence arrangement. As shown by morphological features and molecular studies, Ronabea is better placed in the recently described tribe Lasiantheae. It is here circumscribed to comprise three species: Ronabea emetica (L.f ) A. Rich., Ronabea isanae (J.H. Kirkbr) C.M. Taylor, comb. nov., and… Expand
Rubiacearum Americanarum Magna Hama Pars XXXIX. New Species of Carapichea and Rudgea (Palicoureeae) from Western Amazonia