The nature of turbulent motion at large wave-numbers

  title={The nature of turbulent motion at large wave-numbers},
  author={G. Batchelor and A. Townsend},
  journal={Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences},
  pages={238 - 255}
  • G. Batchelor, A. Townsend
  • Published 1949
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
This paper presents some measurements which describe the distribution of turbulent energy over Fourier components of large wave-number. According to Kolmogoroff’s theory these components of the motion are in statistical equilibrium. Over part of the wave-number range the form of the spectrum is predicted by a dimensional argument, but at higher wave-numbers the spectrum depends on the manner in which energy is transferred across the spectrum. Several postulates about this transfer effect have… Expand

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