The nature of Neanderthal introgression revealed by 27,566 Icelandic genomes

  title={The nature of Neanderthal introgression revealed by 27,566 Icelandic genomes},
  author={Laurits Skov and Mois{\`e}s Coll Maci{\`a} and Garðar Sveinbj{\"o}rnsson and F. Mafessoni and E. Lucotte and Margret S. Einarsd{\'o}ttir and H. J{\'o}nsson and B. Halld{\'o}rsson and D. Gudbjartsson and A. Helgason and M. Schierup and K. Stef{\'a}nsson},
  • Laurits Skov, Moisès Coll Macià, +9 authors K. Stefánsson
  • Published 2020
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Human evolutionary history is rich with the interbreeding of divergent populations. Most humans outside of Africa trace about 2% of their genomes to admixture from Neanderthals, which occurred 50–60 thousand years ago 1 . Here we examine the effect of this event using 14.4 million putative archaic chromosome fragments that were detected in fully phased whole-genome sequences from 27,566 Icelanders, corresponding to a range of 56,388–112,709 unique archaic fragments that cover 38.0–48.2% of the… CONTINUE READING
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