The nature and measurement of meaning.

  title={The nature and measurement of meaning.},
  author={Charles E. Osgood},
  journal={Psychological bulletin},
  volume={49 3},
  • C. Osgood
  • Published 1 May 1952
  • Psychology
  • Psychological bulletin
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A comparison of three sets of rotated factor analytic solutions of self-concept data and the relationship between self-esteem and persuasibility and personality correlates of susceptibility to persuasion.

The Dynamics of Meaning in Memory

This chapter attempts to deal with the particularly difficult problem of how meaning can be specified in a computational model of meaning and the process by which these representations are formed.

Non-Verbal Cues as Determinants of Reading Comprehension

Kingston and White (1967); White, Kingston, and Weaver (1967); and Weaver, White, and Kingston (1968) investigated the relationships of judgements of the concept of self and the concept of a

Perceptual Learning and Verbal Meaning

The components of the perceptual act, which structure stimulation, and their sequence have been differently conceptualised by a number of authors (Vernon, 1952; Solley & Murphy, 1960; Woodworth,


INTRODUCTION The purpose of this research is to find out the semantic structure of Japanese and to compare it with the semantic structure of the American language. For about ten years C. E. Osgood

Attitudes established by classical conditioning.

The present authors, in three experiments, recently conditioned the evaluative, potency, and activity components of word meaning found by Osgood and Suci to contiguously presented nonsense syllables to support the conception that meaning is a response and indicated that word meaning is composed of components which can be separately conditioned.


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Recently several psychologists, interested in language behavior, have offered S-R theories of meaning (Bousfield, 1961; Mowrer, 1954; Osgood, 1952). They have viewed meaning as a kind of implicit

The Discriminability of Concepts Differentiated By Means of the Semantic Differential

(Osgood, 1952) in connection with a wide variety of research problems (Osgood, Suci & Tannenbaum, 1957), it becomes especially important that some research interest be focused directly upon the

Perceived Activity in Semantic Atlas Words as Indicated by a Tapping Response

The present study was concerned with an independent behavioral measurement of perceived activity in printed words, defined operationally as a mean value obtained from three scales found to have high loading on Factor 111 as reported in Jenkins (1960).

The recognition and cognitive utilization of oppositionality

This research series begins in the theoretical view that human cognition rests in part upon implicit oppositionality. Four experiments are presented, each of which builds on some aspect of the



The Mentality of Apes.

PROF. KÖHLER'S book marks a distinct advance in comparative psychology, for he was able to study his chimpanzees in very favourable conditions of health and housing in Teneriffe. He also realised

Emotionality and perceptual defense.

During the past decade, a number of experimental investigations have progressively revealed the so-called "dynamic," or motivational, aspects of perceptual behavior. No longer do we view perception

Behavior: An Introduction to Comparative Psychology

BY the nature of its subject-matter, psychology has been more handicapped than any other science as regards both methods and aims. This is a truism which may qualify the following statement of Prof.

Mediated generalization and the interpretation of verbal behavior: III. Experimental study of antonym gradients

In the previous discussion of mediated and non-mediated generalization (i), it was suggested that the former type of generalization might occur along a number of different gradients in addition to

An experimental study of the effect of language on the reproduction of visually perceived form.

The experiments reported in this paper are part of a study of the conditions which affect the reproduction of visually perceived form. Previous investigators such as G. E. Muller, F. Wulf, and J. J.

Galvanometric Technique in Studies of Association

During the past two decades recurrent use has been made of the psychogalvanic response in attempts to measure the affective values of words, in the detection of 'guilt,' and in clinical studies of

Personal values as selective factors in perception.

It is proposed that value orientation produces selective sensitization, lowering thresholds for acceptable stimuli and raising thresholds for unacceptable stimuli, and that value resonance keeps a person responding in terms of valued objects even before perception is certain.

Value and need as organizing factors in perception.

Throughout the history of modern psychology, perception has been treated as though the perceiver were a passive recording instrument of rather complex design, much as did the old nerve-muscle psychophysiology fall short of explaining behavior in everyday life.

Experimental Psychology

TWENTY years ago it was still possible to get the main results of the application of experiment to the problems of psychology within a reasonably small volume, and several excellent text-books were

Semantic conditioning involving the galvanic skin reflex.

In a recent issue of Science, Razran * described the application of his salivary conditioning technique to the field of semantics. He reported success in transferring conditioned salivation from four