The natural history of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Guatemala.

  title={The natural history of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Guatemala.},
  author={Barbara L. Herwaldt and Byron A Arana and Thomas R. Navin},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={165 3},
The natural history of American cutaneous leishmaniasis was studied in Guatemala by analyzing the characteristics of 355 untreated leishmanial lesions, observing the evolution of 57 lesions on persons who received a placebo in treatment trials, and analyzing data from a population-based survey concerning the duration of 82 untreated lesions. Of 25 lesions caused by Leishmania mexicana that were followed prospectively, 22 (88%) completely reepithelialized by a median lesion age of 14 weeks, and… CONTINUE READING

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