The n-Rays

  title={The n-Rays},
  author={Robert Williams Wood},
  • R. Wood
  • Published 1 September 1904
  • Geology
  • Nature
THE inability of a large number of skilful experimental physicists to obtain any evidence whatever of the existence of the n-rays, and the continued publication of papers announcing new and still more remarkable properties of the rays, prompted me to pay a visit to one of the laboratories in which the apparently peculiar conditions necessary for the manifestation of this most elusive form of radiation appear to exist. I went, I must confess, in a doubting frame of mind, but with the hope that I… 

Errors, Fallacies, or Deception?

  • A. Kohn
  • Physics
    Perspectives in biology and medicine
  • 1978
A classical example is provided by the discovery of N-rays by a distinguished French physicist, Rene Blondlot, at Nancy (1901-1904), where he became convinced that he was observing a new type of radiation, which he called N-radiation.


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