The myth of the virgin rape myth

  title={The myth of the virgin rape myth},
  author={Helen-Ann Brown Epstein and Rachel Jewkes},
  journal={The Lancet},

Geographic expansion of artemisinin resistance.

Multidrug resistant malaria is a rapidly increasing problem, but fortunately still limited to Southeast Asia, in particular to the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Evaluation of Antimalarial Resistance Marker Polymorphism in Returned Migrant Workers in China

Evaluated the prevalence of pfmdr1 and pfcrt polymorphisms, as well as the K13 propeller gene, a molecular marker of artemisinin resistance, in migrant workers returned from Ghana to Shanglin County, Guangxi Province, China, in 2013 to help enrichment of molecular surveillance of antimalarial resistance.

An examination of perpetrator explanations for sexual abuse of young children in South Africa

South Africa is alleged to have the highest rate of sexual abuse per capita among 49 other countries. These statistics and media reports have sparked debates about what could account for the sexual

Gender and Eroticism in Contemporary Art from South Africa

Abstract The aim of this article is to present the interaction between the history of lesbian and gay culture and its identity on the one hand, and the connection between the visual art or visual

HIV prevention issues for Deaf and hard of hearing adolescents: Views of parents, teachers, adolescents and organizations serving the Deaf community.

Disabled adolescents are vulnerable to HIV infection particularly in countries like South Africa which has one of the largest HIV epidemics in the world. Like able-bodied adolescents, adolescents

Fatal Masculinities: A Queer Look at Green Violence

The militarized response to the rhino poaching crisis in southern Africa exposes poachers to “fatal couplings of power and difference” (Gilmore 2002). While the racialized dimensions of this

Parents’ anxieties about the risk of HIV/Aids for their Deaf and hard of hearing adolescents in South Africa: A qualitative study

Parents’ anxieties about HIV risk in Deaf adolescents in South Africa are explored, finding that some believed that their children were at risk of HIV infection and some experienced communication difficulties.

Isoprenoid Biosynthesis Inhibition Disrupts Rab5 Localization and Food Vacuolar Integrity in Plasmodium falciparum

In conclusion, fosmidomycin treatment caused marked defects in food vacuolar morphology and integrity, consistent with a defect in Rab-mediated vesicular trafficking, which may assist the rational selection of secondary agents that will be useful in combination therapy with new isoprenoid biosynthesis inhibitors.



Access to artemisinin combination therapy for malaria in remote areas of Cambodia

The coverage rates of appropriate diagnosis and treatment of malaria were disappointingly low and the use of artemisinin monotherapy alarmingly high in Cambodia, reflecting the fragmented nature of Cambodia's health system in remote areas and the reliance placed by these communities on informal vendors from whom artesunate and mefloquine are widely available.

Safety and Efficacy of Methylene Blue Combined with Artesunate or Amodiaquine for Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria: A Randomized Controlled Trial from Burkina Faso

MB has the potential to further accelerate the rapid parasite clearance of artemisinin-based combination therapies in Africa and is a promising alternative drug combination against malaria in Africa.

The scandal of manhood: ‘Baby rape’ and the politicization of sexual violence in post‐apartheid South Africa

  • D. Posel
  • Political Science
    Culture, health & sexuality
  • 2005
The key to understanding this politicization of sexual violence in South Africa lies with its resonances with wider political and ideological anxieties about the manner of the national subject and the moral community of the country's fledgling democracy.

Child sexual abuse and HIV infection.

Attitudes towards AIDS and patients who are HIV positive must change, and the BMA and the government need to alter insurance companies' attitudes towards those screened for HIV otherwise infertile and pregnant women will be discriminated against.

A randomized open study to assess the efficacy and tolerability of dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Cambodia

To compare the efficacy and tolerability of dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine with that of a 3‐day regimen of mefloquine and artesunate for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Cambodia, DHA–PQP is used.

The Great Failure of Malaria Control in Africa: A District Perspective from Burkina Faso

Too many African children are dying from a disease for which we have effective and cost-effective prevention and treatment options, say the authors.