The myth of nitrogen fertilization for soil carbon sequestration.

  title={The myth of nitrogen fertilization for soil carbon sequestration.},
  author={Saeed Ahmed Khan and Richard Lesley Mulvaney and Timothy R. Ellsworth and Charles W. Boast},
  journal={Journal of environmental quality},
  volume={36 6},
Intensive use of N fertilizers in modern agriculture is motivated by the economic value of high grain yields and is generally perceived to sequester soil organic C by increasing the input of crop residues. This perception is at odds with a century of soil organic C data reported herein for the Morrow Plots, the world's oldest experimental site under continuous corn (Zea mays L.). After 40 to 50 yr of synthetic fertilization that exceeded grain N removal by 60 to 190%, a net decline occurred in… CONTINUE READING



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