The myth of innocence: Sexual scripts and the recognition of child sexual abuse by female perpetrators

  title={The myth of innocence: Sexual scripts and the recognition of child sexual abuse by female perpetrators},
  author={Myriam Denov},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
  pages={303 - 314}
  • M. Denov
  • Published 1 August 2003
  • Psychology
  • The Journal of Sex Research
Although child sexual abuse has been studied extensively, minimal attention has been paid to sexual abuse by females. This paper explores the prevalence of female sex offending and reveals the paradoxes that exist within the available data. Moreover, it highlights the role of traditional sexual scripts in impeding the official recognition of the problem. Traditional sexual scripts, particularly the perception of females as sexually passive, harmless, and innocent, appear not only to have… 

Preventing Female-Perpetrated Sexual Abuse

  • B. Oliver
  • Psychology, Law
    Trauma, violence & abuse
  • 2007
Common characteristics of female sex offenders are described and suggestions are given of possible ways to intervene in the lives of at-risk females before they offend.

Discourse and power in the self-perceptions of incarcerated South African female sexual offenders.

Female sexual offenders have recently become the subject of increased medical, legal and public attention. However, the medical and legal systems insist that female sex crimes are rare regardless of

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In the United States criminal justice system, female sexual offenders are among the most unrepresented groups of individuals, and they have evaded detection and/or prosecution for many reasons. This

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This article analyzes how women survivors of intrafamilial child sexual abuse perceive the family members who took part in keeping it secret and their tactics for doing so and considers the wider concepts of secrecy in society.

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What is known about female sexual offending is explored, integrating it with the research on sexual grooming to provide a framework for understanding female sexual grooming behaviors and implications for prevention, policy, and practice are examined.



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  • 1989

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Summary Male use of sexual coercion against an unwilling female partner is all too prevalent in North American society. Several theorists, most notably feminist theorists, have hypothesized that

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