The mysticism of Paul the apostle

  title={The mysticism of Paul the apostle},
  author={Albert Schweitzer and Will Montgomery and Francis Crawford Burkitt},
An Introduction to the New Testament
Aim of the course. The aim of this course is to prepare the student for future exegesis coursework through an investigation of the backgrounds, origins, circumstances, and character of the New
Blake, Enoch and the Emergence of the Apocalyptic Christ
This chapter is about the discovery of the apocalyptic Christ in the nineteenth century and its dominant influence on biblical scholarship. Crucial to the thesis is that “apocalyptic” includes not
Glory in the Letter of Paul to the Romans : purity, honor and eschatology
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Justification by faith in Galatians 2.15-21: An exegetical study
This research seeks to examine the Pauline concept of justification by faith in Galatians 2.15-21. In this text, the apostle Paul presents justification by faith through the faithfulness of Jesus
Mysterion and the Salvation of "All Israel" in Romans 9-11
MYSTERION AND THE SALVATION OF “ALL ISRAEL” IN ROMANS 9–11 Philip Chase Sears, Ph.D. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2019 Chair: Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner The aim of this study is to build
Rhetoric in the Service of the Gospel in “Inesperto nell'arte di parlare” (2 Cor 11,6) by A. M. Gieniusz, CR
The article reviews the book by Andrzej M. Gieniusz, CR, “Inesperto nell'arte di parlare”? (2 Cor 11, 6). Retorica al servizio del Vangelo (Percorsi culturali 25; Roma: Urbaniana University Press
The New Perspective challenge to Luther
New Perspective scholars challenge Protestant interpretations of Paul. It used to be the case, they state, that Protestants assumed that Paul was to Judaism as Luther was to Medieval Catholicism.