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The mystical struggle : a psychological analysis

  title={The mystical struggle : a psychological analysis},
  author={Lawrence Nixon},
This thesis is a psychological analysis of the internal conflicts experienced by many religious mystics at the beginning of their mystical life. I refer to the conflicts, and the response of the mystic to these conflicts, as an experience of mystical struggle. The study begins with an examination of descriptions of mystical struggle found in scholarly accounts, manuals of mystical instruction and in the personal documents of mystics themselves. Subsequently I critique the psychological… 
Factors Predispositional of Creativity and Mysticism: A Comparative Study of Charles Darwin and Therese of Lisieux
Several investigations have suggested that mystics and creative persons are alike in various ways. In this article I introduce a model of temperamental and environmental factors which I believe to be
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Cases of secondary integration (Level V), the most advanced level of development through positive disintegration, are easily found within the religious sphere. To find a secular case of secondary
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This monograph is the first of a series published under the rubric ofPsychological Issuesthat deals with the analytic theory of behavior and is the theme of all of Erik Eriksen's unique contributions.
Mystical experience and schizophrenia.
  • P. Buckley
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Schizophrenia bulletin
  • 1981
It is postulated that there is a limited repertoire of response within the nervous system for altered state experiences such as acute psychosis and mystical experience, even though the precipitants and etiology may be quite different.
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At first glance, one might expect to find a celebration of psychosis in psychoanalysis. In its refusal to recognise the constraints of reality, its externalisation of internal events, its acting-out
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In this book, the three essays, Kubie has prepared for the sensible layman or physician untrained as psychiatrist or psychoanalyst a clear and profound statement of the reasons for believing that such a philosophy about artists and creativity is worse than nonsense.
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therapy' are being practised. These methods reflect the depersonalising forces working in society as a whole. Thus a radical and forthright book dealing honestly with relationships between persons in
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Pascal in his Thoughts has an insistent plea for attacking things in the right order and adds, "This order consists chiefly in digressions on each point to indicate the end, and to keep it always in
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