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The mutation compatibility of the ${\rm SL}_3$ quantum trace maps for surfaces

  title={The mutation compatibility of the \$\{\rm SL\}\_3\$ quantum trace maps for surfaces},
  author={Hyun Kyu Kim},
Fock-Goncharov’s moduli spaces XPGL3,S of framed PGL3-local systems on punctured surfaces S provide prominent examples of cluster X -varieties and higher Teichmüller spaces. In a previous paper of the author (arXiv:2011.14765), the so-called SL3 quantum trace map is constructed for each triangulable punctured surface S and its ideal triangulation ∆, as a homomorphism from the stated SL3-skein algebra of the surface to a quantum torus algebra that deforms the ring of Laurent polynomials in the… 

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