The mutagenic effect of the new insecticide and acaricide pyridathion.

  title={The mutagenic effect of the new insecticide and acaricide pyridathion.},
  author={Monika Vargov{\'a} and Helena Pol{\'a}kov{\'a} and Svetlana Podstavkov{\'a} and A Siskov{\'a} and Lorraine Dolan and Daniel Vl{\vc}ek and Eva Miadokov{\'a}},
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The Genotoxic Effect of the New Acaricide Etoxazole
It can be concluded that ETX has a potential genotoxic effects in cultured human peripheral lymphocytes.
Effects of Vitamin C and Vitamin A on Post Chromosomal Aberration in vivo Induced by Metanil Yellow and Zinc Chloride
The results indicate that the damage is not repaired fully either naturally or by the prolonged treatment of vitamin A or vitamin C, thus the vitamins cannot exhibit their antagonistic properties when the damage has already taken place.
Japan Flavour and Fragrance Materials Association’s (JFFMA) safety assessment of food-flavouring substances uniquely used in Japan that belong to the class of aliphatic primary alcohols, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, acetals and esters containing additional oxygenated functional groups
Although no information from in vitro and in vivo toxicity studies for the four substances was available, these substances were judged to raise no safety concerns at the current levels of intake.


An improved bacterial test system for the detection and classification of mutagens and carcinogens.
  • B. Ames, F. Lee, W. Durston
  • Biology
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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A test that compares mutagenic killing in deep rough strains with and without DNA excision repair, and a test using forward mutagenesis in a deep rough strain lacking excison repair are described.
Differential induction and repair of ultraviolet damage leading to true revesions and external suppressor mutations of an ochre codon in Escherichia coli B-r WP2.
The induction of true and suppressor mutations by UV under different conditions are investigated, and their relative susceptibility to various processes which have been described for the removal (or bypassing) of genetic damage is compared.
Cytogenetic Studies in Rats of Cyclohexylamine, a Metabolite of Cyclamate
There was a direct relation between dose concentration and percentage of spermatogonial and bone marrow cells showing chromosomal breaks in rats injected with cyclohexylamine.
The structure and properties of O‐ethyl O‐isopropyl O‐(5‐methoxy‐1‐methyl‐6‐oxo‐1H‐pyridazin‐4‐yl) phosphorothioate and by‐products in the technical product
The structure and some chemical and physical properties of a new insecticide O-ethyl O-isopropyl O-(5-methoxy-1-methyl-6-oxo-1H-pyridazin-4-yl) phosphorothioate (I) and by-products present in the