The music therapist: creative arts therapist and contemporary shaman

  title={The music therapist: creative arts therapist and contemporary shaman},
  author={Joseph J. Moreno},
  journal={Arts in Psychotherapy},
  • J. Moreno
  • Published 1 December 1988
  • Psychology
  • Arts in Psychotherapy

Musical and Religious Experiences: Their Relationship and Influences on Humanity

My dissertation will investigate the relationship between musical and religious experiences and the similarities that have made them such emotionally-charging phenomena. Because of the power of

The Narrative Effects of Shamanic Mythology in Palliative Care

We make meaning of disease, suffering, and death through narrative, by telling a story. In a therapeutic narrative approach, this article explores the influence of shamanic intervention in

Transplantation and Personal, Preferred Music: A Quality of Life Study

This project is a multiple methods, open-label, clinical experiment that provided iPods, headphones, and personal, preferred music to transplant patients to improve their quality of life. In total,

An exploration of the Andai dance form (from the Horqin area of Inner Mongolia) from a dance/movement therapy perspective.

Creative Arts Educ Ther (2017) 3(1):2–13DOI: 10.15212/CAET/2017/17/2 An exploration of the Andai dance form (from the Horqin area of Inner Mongolia) from a dance/movement therapy perspective.

Bali Healing Ritual in Sri Lanka from a Medical Ethnomusicology Perspective

Medical ethnomusicology, a new growing sub-field of ethnomusicology takes into consideration on an equal basis music, medicine/healing and culture. This article focuses on a complex of cultural

Music therapy’s development in mental healthcare: An historical consideration of early ideas and intersecting agents.

Some of the milestones and significant junctures that framed the practice of music therapy in mental health care are reviewed and how some of these ingredients have been amplified or diminished over time are reviewed.

Work, rest and (press) play: Music consumption as an indicator of human economic development

Background in music computing. Rapidly growing databases, derived from download and live-stream services like MixRadio, or Spotify, are providing unprecedented access to global



The soul of mbira

Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy

First published in 1951, "Shamanism" soon became the standard work in the study of this mysterious and fascinating phenomenon. Writing as the founder of the modern study of the history of religion,

Persuasion and healing : a comparative study of psychotherapy

This popular study of "psychological healing"treats topics ranging from religious revivalism and magical healing to contemporary psychotherapies, from the role of the shaman in nonindustrialized

Musical psychodrama: a new direction in music therapy.

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The therapy of music.

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