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The muon $g-2$ and $W$-mass anomalies explained and the electroweak vacuum stabilised by extending the minimal Type-II seesaw

  title={The muon \$g-2\$ and \$W\$-mass anomalies explained and the electroweak vacuum stabilised by extending the minimal Type-II seesaw},
  author={Nabarun Chakrabarty},
The recent precise measurement of the W -mass by the CDF II collaboration is indicative of new physics beyond the Standard Model. On the other hand, a resolution of the longstanding muon g − 2 anomaly also calls for additional dynamics. In this work, we accommodate the two aforementioned anomalies in an extension of the minimal Type-II seesaw model. That is, the minimal Type-II model is augmented with an additional doubly charged scalar and vector leptons. While a chirality-flip of the vector… 
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