The municipal housing programme in Sheffield before 1914

  title={The municipal housing programme in Sheffield before 1914},
  author={Rupert Hebblethwaite},
  journal={Architectural History},
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The nineteenth century was a golden age for public architecture in Britain. Grand edifices such as Paxton’s Crystal Palace and innumerable lesser public buildings helped to engender in their patrons and in the public a sense of glowing civic and national pride. However, it is an irony of the laissez-faire Victorian era that, despite the vast creative energy expended upon such public buildings, so little architectural effort was spent in tackling the single severest problem faced by the… 

Housing needs : power, subjectivity and public housing in England, 1920-1970

This thesis addresses two key questions: First, how did those involved in the provision of public housing in twentieth-century England conceptualise the people who they were providing houses for?

The politics and ideology of local authority health care in Sheffield 1918-1948

The case study examines how local social, cultural and political factors influenced the provision of health care in Sheffield from 1918 to 1948 and contributes to debates on the role of the Medical Officer of Health in the interwar years.

In pursuit of “the welfare trait” : recycling deprivation and reproducing depravation in historical context

Adam Perkins’ The Welfare Trait outlines the most recent attempt to provide substance to the existence of an underclass, based on the idea of a shared ‘welfare-induced’, ‘employment-resistant’



City planning according to artistic principles

English translation of the 1889 vienna edition of "der staedtebau nach seinen kuenstlerischen grundsaetzen", intended as a contribution to the solution of modern problems of architecture (spatial

A History of Labour in Sheffield

Sheffield and Its Industry at the Mid-Century: Sheffield in 1850 The Sheffield light trades at the onset of the age of steam The steel industry before Bessemer Mid-Victorian Expansion and the Great

Sheffield Corporation Health Committee, Handbook of Workmen's Dwellings (1905)