The multiple and complex and changeable scenarios of the Trypanosoma cruzi transmission cycle in the sylvatic environment.

  title={The multiple and complex and changeable scenarios of the Trypanosoma cruzi transmission cycle in the sylvatic environment.},
  author={A. J. F. M. Jansen and Samanta Cristina das Chagas Xavier and Andr{\'e} Luiz Rodrigues Roque},
  journal={Acta tropica},
In this study, we report and discuss the results generated from over 20 years of studies of the Trypanosoma cruzi sylvatic transmission cycle. Our results have uncovered new aspects and reviewed old concepts on issues including reservoirs, true generalist species, association of mammalian species with distinct discrete typing units - DTUs, distribution of T. cruzi genotypes in the wild, mixed infections, and T. cruzi transmission ecology. Using parasitological and serological tests, we examined… CONTINUE READING


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