The multics PL/1 compiler

  title={The multics PL/1 compiler},
  author={R. Freiburghouse},
  booktitle={AFIPS '69 (Fall)},
  • R. Freiburghouse
  • Published in AFIPS '69 (Fall) 1969
  • Computer Science
  • The Multics PL/1 compiler is in many respects a "second generation" PL/1 compiler. It was built at a time when the language was considerably more stable and well defined than it had been when the first compilers were built. It has benefited from the experience of the first compilers and avoids some of the difficulties which they encountered. The Multics compiler is the only PL/1 compiler written in PL/1 and is believed to be the first PL/1 compiler to produce high speed object code. 
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