The multichord stellar occultation on 2019 October 22 by the trans-Neptunian object (84922) 2003 VS$_2$

  title={The multichord stellar occultation on 2019 October 22 by the trans-Neptunian object (84922) 2003 VS\$\_2\$},
  author={M{\'o}nica Vara-Lubiano and Gustavo Benedetti-Rossi and Pablo Santos-Sanz and Jose L. Ortiz and Bruno Sicardy and Marcel Popescu and Nelson Morales and Flavia Luane Rommel and Bruno E. Morgado and C. L. Pereira and Alvaro Alvarez-Candal and Estela Fern{\'a}ndez-Valenzuela and D Souami and Dragana Ili{\'c} and Oliver Vince and R. Bachev and Evgeni Semkov and Dan A. Nedelcu and {\'A}kos Csonka and Lucian Hudin and Margareta Boacă and V. Inceu and Lucian Curelaru and Radu Mihai Gherase and Vlad Turcu and Daniel Moldovan and Liviu Mircea and Marian Predatu and Maximilian Teodorescu and Liliana M. Stoian and Angelica Juravle and Felipe Braga-Ribas and Josselin Desmars and Ren{\'e} Duffard and J. J. Lecacheux and J. I. B. Camargo and Marcelo Assafin and Roberto Vieira-Martins and Theodor Pribulla and Marek Hus{\'a}rik and P. Sivanivc and Andr{\'a}s P{\'a}l and R{\'o}bert Szak{\'a}ts and Cs. P. Kiss and J. Alonso-Santiago and A. Frasca and Gyula M. Szab{\'o} and Al{\'i}z Derekas and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Szigeti and Marek Mateusz Drożdż and Waldemar Ogłoza and J. Skvaruc and Fabrizio Ciabattari and P. Delincak and P. Di Marcantonio and Giulia Iafrate and Igor Coretti and Veronica Baldini and P. Baruffetti and O. Klos and V. Dumitrescu and H. Mikuvz and Arnulf F. Mohar},
Context. Stellar occultations have become one of the best techniques to gather information about the physical properties of trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), which are critical objects for understanding the origin and evolution of our Solar System. Aims. The purpose of this work is to determine, with better accuracy, the physical characteristics of the TNO (84922) 2003 VS 2 through the analysis of the multichord stellar occultation on 2019 October 22 and photometric data collected afterward… 


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