The multiRANSAC algorithm and its application to detect planar homographies


A RANSAC based procedure is described for detecting inliers corresponding to multiple models in a given set of data points. The algorithm we present in this paper (called multiRANSAC) on average performs better than traditional approaches based on the sequential application of a standard RANSAC algorithm followed by the removal of the detected set of inliers. We illustrate the effectiveness of our approach on a synthetic example and apply it to the problem of identifying multiple world planes in pairs of images containing dominant planar structures.

DOI: 10.1109/ICIP.2005.1530351

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@article{Zuliani2005TheMA, title={The multiRANSAC algorithm and its application to detect planar homographies}, author={Marco Zuliani and Charles S. Kenney and B. S. Manjunath}, journal={IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2005}, year={2005}, volume={3}, pages={III-153} }