The mouse W/c-kit locus.

  title={The mouse W/c-kit locus.},
  author={Alan Bernstein and Benoit Chabot and Patrice Dubreuil and Albrecht Reith and Karl N Nocka and Sadhan Majumder and Papiya Ray and Peter Besmer},
  journal={Ciba Foundation symposium},
  pages={158-66; discussion 166-72}
The mature cells in the haemopoietic system arise as the result of the extensive developmental and proliferative capacity of pluripotential stem cells. In order to understand the molecular basis for these developmental processes, it will be necessary to identify and characterize the cellular genes that control early steps in haemopoiesis. Mutations at the mouse W locus on chromosome 5 lead to pleiotropic developmental defects, including sterility, coat colour abnormalities, severe macrocytic… CONTINUE READING
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