The morphology and crystallography of lath martensite in alloy steels

  title={The morphology and crystallography of lath martensite in alloy steels},
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Crystallographic analysis of lath martensite in a 13Cr-5Ni steel by electron backscattering diffraction
Morphology observation and crystallographic analysis of lath martensite in 13Cr-5Ni steel were investigated by electron backscattering diffraction (EBSD) in a scanning electron microscope. The pole
Morphological and Crystallographic Characteristics of α Structure in a Low-Carbon Iron–Nickel Alloy
The features of α (body-centered cubic) structures were investigated in a low-carbon multicomponent alloy from morphological and crystallographic perspectives. In addition to apparent features of
Morphology and Crystallography of Bainite Transformation in a Single Prior-Austenite Grain of Low-Carbon Steel
To elucidate the difference in the microstructure development of the bainite and the martensite-austenite (M-A) constituents between blocks (groups with bainitic ferrite having a similar crystal
A Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of Reaustenitized-and-Cooled HSLA-100 Steel
  • S. W. Thompson
  • Materials Science
    Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis
  • 2012
A continuous-cooling-transformation diagram for 0.06% C HSLA-100 steel (austenite grain size of about 10 μm) was reexamined in combination with hardness data and light-microscope images. Data
Crystallographic Analysis of Plate and Lath Martensite in Fe-Ni Alloys
In the present work, we use an advanced EBSD method to analyze the two prominent types of martensite microstructures that are found in the binary Fe-Ni system, lath martensite (27.5 at.% Ni) and
Study of the Microstructural Evolution of Tempered Martensite Ferritic Steel T91 upon Ultrasonic Nanocrystalline Surface Modification
In this work, various electron microscopy and analysis techniques were used to investigate the microstructural evolution of a 9% Cr tempered martensite ferritic (TMF) steel T91 upon ultrasonic


The morphology of martensite in iron alloys
Light and electron microscopy have been used to determine the main structural differences between the two major types of martensite in ferrous alloys. In the martensite that forms in dilute alloys of
Characteristics of lath martensite: Part I. crystallographic and substructural features
This investigation, using an Fe-20 pct Ni-5 pct Mn (wt pct) alloy, was carried out to provide more detailed and accurate information on the crystallographic features of ferrous lath martensite than
Characteristics of lath martensite: Part II. The martensite-austenite interface
This investigation, using an Fe-20 pct Ni-5 pct Mn (wt pct) alloy, deals with the nature of the lath martensite-austenite interface. For the first time the misfit dislocation structure associated
Microstructure of ausformed lath martensite in 18%Ni maraging steel
The microstructure of ausformed lath martensite in 18%Ni maraging steel was studied by analyzing electron backscatter diffraction pattern obtained by scanning electron microscopy and Kikuchi
Crystallographic aspects of Fe−Ni and Fe−Ni−C dilute alloy martensites
Two experimental techniques which can be used to determine accurately the habit plane and orientation of martensite plates in specimens of alloys normally containing no retained austenite are