The morphology and behavior of feline cutaneous mastocytomas.

  title={The morphology and behavior of feline cutaneous mastocytomas.},
  author={Brian P Wilcock and J. M. Link a P. M. Yager and M. Christine Zink},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={23 3},
Correlation of histopathology with the behavior of cutaneous mastocytomas in 85 cats revealed two distinct histologic subtypes which were predictive of biologic behavior. The first subtype comprised 65 cats of various breeds which had solitary, discrete, dermal tumors composed of slightly atypical mast cells. Most tumors in this group were histologically and behaviorally benign. However, seven solitary tumors with marked anisocytosis and mitotic activity recurred or spread to other sites within… CONTINUE READING