The morphology, geometry and kinematics of Judgement cliff rock avalanche, Blue Mountains, Jamaica, West Indies

  title={The morphology, geometry and kinematics of Judgement cliff rock avalanche, Blue Mountains, Jamaica, West Indies},
  author={Russell J. Maharaj},
  journal={Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology},
  pages={243 - 256}
  • R. Maharaj
  • Published 1 August 1994
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology
Abstract Judgement Cliff rock avalanche (JCRA) occurred during the latter part of 1692, during which 131-181 x 106m3 of faulted Miocene white limestone with chert nodules and minor sandstones and mudrocks, on a 38° overdip slope was detached on the eastern bank of the Yallahs River near Llandewey. The rock mass failed by a combination of sliding, free fall and toppling, impacted and disintegrated near the base of the original slope and flowed downslope subsequently damming the Yallahs River… 

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s and proceedings of the Norwegian Geological Society 2-



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A fairly complete range of slope movement processes are identified and classified according to features that are also to some degree relevant to their recognition, avoidance, control, or correction.