The molecular machinery for cAMP-dependent immunomodulation in T-cells.

  title={The molecular machinery for cAMP-dependent immunomodulation in T-cells.},
  author={Kjetil Task{\'e}n and Anne Jorunn Stokka},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={34 Pt 4},
cAMP inhibits Src-family kinase signalling by PKA (protein kinase A)-mediated phosphorylation and activation of Csk (C-terminal Src kinase). The PKA type I-Csk pathway is assembled and localized in membrane microdomains (lipid rafts) and regulates immune responses activated through the TCR (T-cell receptor). PKA type I is targeted to the TCR-CD3 complex during T-cell activation via an AKAP (A-kinase-anchoring protein) that serves as a scaffold for the cAMP-PKA/Csk pathway in lipid rafts of the… CONTINUE READING
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