The molecular basis of self-association of IgG-Rheumatoid factors.

  title={The molecular basis of self-association of IgG-Rheumatoid factors.},
  author={Richard M. Pope and David C. Teller and Mart Mannik},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={115 2},
The intermediate complexes, sedimenting between 19S and 6.6S components of normal serum on analytical ultracentrifugation, were purified from plasma of three patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Sequential gel filtration and removal of contaminants by agarose-antibody immunoadsorbents were employed for purification of these complexes. The isolated complexes from the three patients consisted of IgG with k and lambda light chains. Sedimentation equilibrium ultracentrifugation experiments showed… CONTINUE READING

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