The modified Koyanagi repair for severe proximal hypospadias.

  title={The modified Koyanagi repair for severe proximal hypospadias.},
  author={Yutaro Hayashi and Yasuyuki Kojima and Kentaro Mizuno and Akihiro Nakane and Kenjiro Kohri},
  journal={BJU international},
  volume={87 3},
OBJECTIVE To report the method and results of a modified one-stage Koyanagi repair (urethroplasty with a parameatal-based and fully extended circumferential foreskin flap) to preserve the vascularity to the peripheral portion of the neourethra, in the repair of severe hypospadias. PATIENTS AND METHODS Using a skin-incision line as in the original Koyanagi repair, a circumferential incision is made approximately 5 mm proximal to the corona and the urethral plate incised as for repair of… CONTINUE READING


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